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  Simply register a Ez FunPay account, buy a voucher for the value of your choice and redeem it as payment on the participating merchant's website.



How to Deposit with Ez Voucher FunPay?
For some people, depositing into online casinos can be a frustrating process. They may not have access to online wallet sites like Neteller and Skrill, while their PayPal account won’t work at any sites in their country. They’ve tried credit cards, but both their Visa and MasterCard deposits were declined.

For players like these, prepaid options are an excellent idea. Ez Games Voucher is one such system, designed to give individuals throughout the world a workaround for any banking issues they might be having. The site allows users to purchase vouchers that can be redeemed at a variety of retailers and casino websites, even if other methods aren’t working. It is currently one of the most popular deposit options at online casinos that take US players.

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